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Self care. Such an easy idea and such a difficult practice. What is it about taking care of ourselves that is so difficult? Why do we have guilt about feeling rested, not overwhelmed, or burnt out? 


I understand the feeling of burn out better than I think I ever have, life has just been hectic lately. While I cannot fix everything about feeling burnt out I have set new and different boundaries for the month of February, I’m calling it FebYOUary. A few of the things I am NOT doing this month:

  • Hosting dinner or parties. This is something I love but the last few months it’s been a burden, so for 29 days it’s just not happening. 
  • Committing to social gatherings. If it requires and RSVP it’s an automatic NO. If it’s an event I don’t need to RSVP to I will go if I feel up to it. 
  • Volunteering: If it can sign up for it and do it after February, I’m game. 
  • Making dinner every night. I usually LOVE to cook it’s a passion of mine but right now it feels like a burden. So take-out or delivery 1-2 times a week it is. 

Things I am going to do in FebYOUary:

  • Getting out of the house once a week for something non-chore related. Getting a coffee with a friend, taking a trail run, or just shopping in our cute stores downtown are all game. Working form a coffee shop doesn’t count. 
  • Going to bed at a proper time. No matter how much work I have done, etc. I am getting my sleep. 
  • Reading and running more. Two of my most favorite things are moving off the back burner. 
  • Going to my small group. I love my small group from our church and it is so life giving. I will be there every chance I get. 


What are some of your self care tips and tricks? How do you beat burn out? I will tell you I have a massage scheduled for Saturday and I CANNOT wait! Saturday will be a full self care day: massage, brunch, and exploring our town a little more! Happy FebYOUary!

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